YOUR TASK AT HOME: To prepare for class, 1. read the relevant section in the OPTIONS textbook, 2. read the relevant section on the attached pdf file and 3. work through the relevant powerpoint presentation. 4. Take notes and come prepared with 5. specific clarifying questions for class.

SCHEDULE of classes: ( this is the date of the class so you will need to read and prepare ahead of these dates)
March 18/19 D1 Pharmaceuticals
March 29/30 D2 Antacids
March 31/April 1 D3 Analgesics
April 2/6 LAB: Aspirin
April 7/8 D4 Depressants
April 12/13 D5 Stimulants
April 14/15: D6 Antibacterials
April 16/19: D7 Antivirals
April 20/21: HL Drug Action
April 22/23: HL Drug Design
April 26/27: HL Mind Altering Drugs
April 28/29: LAB: Analysis of Antacids

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