Summer break: Working on Medicines and Drugs Option D

Over the break, use online resources to:
1. Add text to each page
2. Add an image to each page
3. Edit each page ( this is a tough task - you have to delete some of the work of your fellow students and replace it with a more concise, easier to follow format)

The goal of the three tasks above is to have you read and process relevant information added by your classmates, to add missing information yourself, to simplify information added so the wiki becomes a concise and powerful resource for the class and to have visuals that enhance the learning experience.

Everyone is responsible for this wiki. It is a true joint effort. Revisit the wiki pages as information is added so that you get the most from the wiki. Try to re-organize the information added so that it is visually appealing and logical.

Actions that you take on each page are recorded in the wiki history. This will be used to determine 50% of your grade for this work. The other 50% will come from a quiz, taken the first week back after break. It will be a simple quiz, and the questions will be derived from the information added to the wiki.